[Food Review] Old Tree Bakery

For an early birthday dessert I decided to pop in to Old Tree Bakery to see what sweet appetizers they offered. Due to time restriction, I was unable to sit down in the cafe to have a drink and instead went with the takeaway option.

I could have added more to my purchase but that would mean buying everything on the shelves. That's how intrigued I was with the appealing presentation of the food.

My order list:- Green Tea cake, Red Bean Bun, Rhubarb and custard bun with a chocolate cake in the middle and Yam pastry with almond flickers

Old Tree Bakery had other cakes that I had seen in Leicester Square's bakeries such as sausage bun and different kinds of red bean buns but I wanted to be adventurous that afternoon so went with various desserts.

Out of these delights, I would say the yam pastry and rhubarb and custard bun were my personal favourites. The latter was a clever idea, hiding the extra chocolate section inside the bun. The yam and almond were not overpowering with sweetness. A lot of the swirly pastries I buy tend to be very sweet for my liking and it fiddles with my throat. The green tea cake was nice and tasted like green tea - bitter. Still it was pleasantly nice. If you have just had something salty and want a sweet food to calm the saltiness in your taste buds perhaps the green tea cake might be the best option.

I originally thought it was self-service when I walked into the cafe but one of the staff came over and explained he could serve me himself and physically took out the cakes from the display while I picked what I wanted to buy before bringing the food to the tills for me to pay.

As far as service goes, I was not expecting much from the Taiwanese staff since I'm accustomed to blunt, straightforwardness - Asian style. One day I will come visit again to try their drinks. Pricing in general - quite expensive compared to Chinatown. Presentation of the food is a definite A+ and the food I tried was delightful but the prices might intimidate many.